Installation, Repair and Maintenance by a Tulsa-Based Trane Comfort Specialist

Our team at Mark Hill Heating & Air has earned the distinction of being Trane® Comfort Specialists. For our customers that means, they have access to top quality HVAC products, unbeatable Trane® warranties and everything we repair, install or maintenance is done by specialty-trained, highly skilled technicians.

As Tulsa’s trusted experts in HVAC installation, specializing in installation of top-of-the-line Trane® air conditioning units, heat pumps, furnaces and more, we offer Trane® products to the Tulsa community, because we believe it’s a superior product. Widely considered the most reliable HVAC system in America, Trane® engineers push their products well beyond the industry standards and test them under the most extreme circumstances to assure your HVAC system works when you need it.

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Installation Service by a Trane® Comfort Specialist™

At Mark Hill Heating & Air, each of our HVAC technicians has the proud distinction of being a certified Trane® Comfort Specialists. What this means is commitment: to top-quality workmanship, to excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

Trane® Furnaces and HVAC Systems

While we can repair any brand of heat and air units, but we specialize in installation of industry-leading Trane® products. We make Trane®’s energy efficient oil and gas furnaces and HVAC systems available to Tulsa area homes or offices because we believe they are the best on the market. These reliable systems will help you keep energy costs down while lasting through Oklahoma’s icy winters for years to come. Every Trane® heat and air conditioning unit is rigorously tested for reliability and durability.

Trane® Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a perfect solution for the unpredictable Oklahoma weather. Anything nature throws at your new Trane® heating system, a Trane® can handle. Heat pumps produce both warm and cool air, taking the place of your air conditioning unit and heater making them an energy-efficient alternative for your home.

Trane® Air Conditioning Units

You want to ensure your air conditioning unit is reliable and will keep you cool in the Oklahoma summer – while keeping energy costs low. Rest assured a new Trane® air conditioning unit will do the job. These energy-efficient systems also come with a warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

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Our trustworthy team provides top-of-the-line service fast and reliable – and has done so for the Tulsa metro since 1982. We are proud of our Trane® designation as a leader in the HVAC industry – illustrating our commitment to quality workmanship and excellence in customer satisfaction.

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